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Dr. Benjamin Danielson has dedicated his career to serving the underserved and underrepresented communities of Seattle. Dr. Danielson served twenty years as the Medical Director at Odessa Brown children’s clinic until he resigned recently citing a culture of racism at the clinic and at Seattle Children’s. He was recently quoted as saying, “the institution is replete with racism and a disregard for people who don't look like them in leadership.”

The Elliott Bay Book Company is an independently owned bookstore founded by Walter Carr in 1973, at 109 Main Street. Over the next three and half decades, the bookstore shifted and expanded within the Globe Building adding event space for author readings as well as Seattle’s first bookstore café.

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Seattle Children’s Hospital, Volunteer Services -
4800 Sand Point Way NE, M/S RC.3.820 Seattle, WA 98105

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What is Lurve? Lurve was co-founded by parents and partners in life, Keér Beavers and Ebba Lucander. Desiring a new kind of social platform, they created Lurve from home during the pandemic. Lurve is designed to be the first member-centered, neuro-integrated, ad-free, social-wellness platform which centers underrepresented people, rewards kindness, expertly curates on-trend content, and gives creators the opportunity to fairly earn income from their efforts.
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