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Why we HAD to create a NEW STANDARD in Social Media...

Hi, We're Ebba and Keér.

Here’s the brutal truth about Social Media:

It. Causes. So. Much. Harm.

Depression and Anxiety rates are soaring through every age group...

Suicide rates are also increasing among most demographics as well...

In fact, teens and young adults ages 15-24, Suicide is now the second leading cause of death for people in that age group.

Researchers from Harvard have cited Social Media as one of the factors leading to this increase.

It's a huge problem. 

If you've seen The Social Dilemma, on Netflix, then you know what I'm talking about.

If not, let me recap the highlights.

We have all been turned into a product for advertisers. All of our data (our clicks, likes, shares, comments, even our messages to friends and family) has been weaponized against us. 

The use of psychological design practices also keeps us all addicted to the infinite scroll.

Yes! Give Me The Top 3 Ways Social Media Causes Harm!

"I choose Lurve because it is the social media platform that aligns with my morals and upholds the ethics no one else will."

Jerrica Kostis • Founder - In8Society

“Of the creators I know, there is a common feeling of exhaustion with the current state of social media. I think we're looking for something different. Something that glorifies love over hate (and ad-revenue).”

Brian Prince • Stunt Performer, Artist

There are so many more problems than these created by social media and we want to talk to you about them when you're ready. 

We want you to be involved in helping us shape the solutions that our digital and offline societies need so desperately right now. 

This is why Keer and I stopped everything we were doing and made the commitment to go ALL IN to find solutions to these problems.

So let me introduce you to Lurve. 

Lurve is Social Media 2.0, It's the NEW STANDARD for digital communities.

It's a safe, authentic, and intentional social media platform developed and supported by underrepresented creators and their allies. 

We are solving for some of the most pressing issues that the tech industry is facing (harm reduction, organic reach, how users data is used, communication standards, disinformation, restoring decency and dignity back to the public discourse). - Just to name a few

We would be honored if you'd join us on this journey to make Social Media more representative and affirming to all cultures.

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